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Mobile Advertising Congress

Mobile Advertising Congress


From a geographic point of view, more and more customers reacted positive to promotional offers from their proximity. All of this shows that the consumers need just enough time to react to the promotion, but a delay may reduce the response rates.

When we understand where the line is and its impact we can help the marketing departments to become “gatekeepers” by delivering the right mobile ad to the right person at the right time at the right place in the right context.

It’s that perspective that makes us so excited by the findings we will reveal on this years edition of Mobile Advertising Congress and the best way to move your organization toward a mobile-centric world is to incrementally develop the digital skills that support your strategy.


  • Native Advertising creativity 
  • Consumer choice and permission based advertising 
  • Mobile brand safety tracking and view ability grows up 
  • Mobile video keeps on rolling 
  • Location-based Marketing Mobile 
  • Remarketing Mobile Programmatic Advertising

general business areas

Mobile advertising is turning in to the go to channel for brands, there is a quiet transformation happening in the world of marketing today.  Mobile advertising is expanding at a rapid rate, and getting very serious as it moves forward.

Many companies are taking small steps toward mobile and moving it to the center of their digital transformation. But those that prepare for a giant leap will transform their companies along with entire industries. At the edge of capability and technology, they will meet and exceed consumer expectations and thrive in the new world of unlimited experiences and possibilities.


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Why to attend

  • Debate the hottest mobile trends and challenges.
  • Interact with the most creative solutions.
  • Interact with experts in the field, who will share their experience.
  • Listen to competitive insightful examples of innovative success stories and main practices.
  • Gain knowledge to support the development of the local mobile market, with inspiration from international community. 

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