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Mobile Advertising Congress

Mobile Advertising Congress


As mobile advertising consumption is growing, consumers still want to have the last decision regarding which screen they watch on. For today's marketers, translating their brand storytelling across devices must address all age categories, from 0+, moving forward to iGen (millennials), adults and seniors. Each one of them with specific behavior and characteristics.
Debate the new challenges, solutions, case studies and opportunities that Mobile Advertising platforms have to offer for your brand in 2016! 
Improve your business strategy by attending Mobile Advertising Congress 2016!


  • Alignment of unified screens with in-store touch points 
  • Challenges of age targeted mobile campaign
  • Relevant experiences are the new mobile status 
  • Improve mobile marketing experience through content marketing 
  • The supremacy of accurate data on mobile 
  • The creation of new ad formats with the help of virtual reality 
  • Location Based Advertising insights  & trends 
  • Fundamental behavioral shift - from how we consume entertainment (video on mobile devices) to e-commerce (mobile purchases)


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Why to attend

  • Debate the hottest mobile trends and challenges.
  • Interact with the most creative solutions.
  • Interact with experts in the field, who will share their experience.
  • Listen to competitive insightful examples of innovative success stories and main practices.
  • Gain knowledge to support the development of the local mobile market, with inspiration from international community.