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Design Thinking Forum

Design Thinking Forum


"Design has a voice in nearly every important decision that the company makes” 
Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo CEO 
Drive business growth through human-centered design. We are witnessing a fast-evolving business environment, easily disrupted by technological advancements. Companies are constantly urged to analyze, research and innovate in the matter of how and what they sell. Design Thinking leads the path to problem-solving and easily streamlining processes & products, whilst stepping into the new, digitally powered, experience economy.

LAST MINUTE ticket price 219 EUR till September 20th.

general business areas

Cross Industry Event, Horizontal Business Solutions 
Adressing to: Top Management, C-level, Entrepreneurs, Marketing, Product Development, Product Management Innovation, R&D, HR, Operations, Digital & IT & all functional business segments with exposure to or an active interest in: #innovationculture, #development  #growth  #problemsolving  #experiencedesign  #customerexperience #customercentricity  #businesstransformation&change  #multidisciplinarity  #employeeexperience


  • Ana Krasovschi
  • Vladimir Oane
  • Alexandra Popescu-Zorica
  • Julian Lukaszewicz
  • Magda Ropotan
  • Markus Edgar Hormess
  • Vlad Ungureanu
  • Virgil Soncutean
  • Corina Ghiatau
  • Bianca Bardas
  • Lindsy Szilvasi


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Why to attend

To familiarize yourself with the new, human-centered business reality 
To find the hidden solution, the tips&tricks&shortcuts 
To learn the skill from hands-on Design Thinking practitioners 
To step into a network filled with relevant people, all looking for the same angle in business 
To build lasting ties, be curious and explore the method in workgroups 
To see your clients from a whole new perspective 
To learn a new skill that would give you a certain competitive advantage 
To see this is for real and learn the success stories that back it up 
To meet business game changers and steal their toolkit for growth 
To witness first-hand the business models of the future

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