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Customer Experience Forum

Customer Experience Forum


Join and witness a marketing revolution. Retail and customer experience merge into one 360+ strategy. Come and find new ways to translate customer insight into profitable strategies. Learn from best practices, interact with niche experts and, also, gain access to the most efficient CRM and Loyalty tools that will increase your sales performance and build your customers’ loyalty. 
The goal of this conference is to bring together the right people, know-how and ideas to create long lasting brand lovers.


- Innovative ways and practices to differentiate your brand, overcome the challenges and engage your people. 
- Develop a holistic strategy, by aligning your products, processes and people. Inspire and empower your employees to transfer it to your customers. 
- The evolution of Contact Center to Experience Center. 
- Digital Transformation – how does it looks like from Customer Experience’s perspective? 
- Useful tools and practical roadmaps to implement and measure the experience, explore the do’s and don’ts, and foresee the pitfalls.
- Data insights- a bridge to connect with your targeted audience on a personal level. 
- Loyalty programs’ evolution in retail. 
- Retail for millennials. 

general business areas

Customer Experience Top and Middle Management; Product Managers; Project Managers; Marketing Top and Middle Management; Customer Service & Support Executives; Sales and Marketing Executives and Managers; CIOs, Technology strategists; IT Managers; Business Analysts; Enterprise and Solution Architects; Strategic Planners, Operations Officers; Consultants; Loyalty & Retention Top and Middle Management; Analysts; Marketers; Retail Managers and Executives from: 
- Important retailers 
- Distribution companies 
- Advertising agencies 
- Research companies
- Audit & consultancy firms 
- Financial institutions 
- IT&C companies 
- Law firms 
- Producers: food home appliances, personal good, beverages, tobacco


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Why to attend

Learn from the best experts in the field; 
Gain competitive knowledge and bring added value to your business; 
Explore new ways to make your marketing smarter; 
Apply loyalty best practices to optimize your business; 
Find new ways to translate customer insight into profitable strategies; 
Brand awareness and reputation; Business networking and sales leads; 
Become more efficient, more knowledgeable and more profitable; 
Be one step ahead of your competitors regardless of what happens across the economic landscape; 
Target the right customers for your business.