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Customer Care HUB - Brasov

Customer Care HUB - Brasov


Customer Care HUB is launched in 2017 on a solid, strong and long lasting structure of business events, declined from our international Customer Care Conference & Expo, the most important East European event that addresses the customer care industry. 

This concept enables you to achieve relevant high-quality results, providing access to best practices, shared experience and professional networking during the conference day.
Tickets on SALE at 59 EUR.  
After November 1st LAST MINUTE ticket price 89 EUR.


  • The impact of Social Media on recruitment strategy and process;   
  • Using benchmarking to monitor and drive change; 
  • Multiculturalism; 
  • Taking customer feedback to the next level;  
  • Training as a key employee retention tool. Creating employee engagement & empowerment;
  • Invest in AI - Ensure the future of the company;  
  • Evolution from human to bot;   
  • Best practices in implementing AI for customer care;  
  • How AI is shaping the customer care industry;  
  • Where AI and neuroscience meet; 
  •  Pros and cons of AI.

general business areas

  • telecommunications
  • customer care & call center management
  • computing and software
  • banking and financial services
  • insurance
  • consulting
  • manufacturing
  • retail
  • auto
  • pharmaceutics
  • airline companies
  • IT/IS Management & Support Staff 
  • Sales & Marketing Managers 
  • Public institutions


  • Gabriel Prefac
  • Nansi Lungu
  • Claudiu Murariu
  • Dan Mazilu
  • Oana Radu
  • Costin Ditescu
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Why to attend

  • Gartner predicts that, by 2020, 85% of all customer interactions will no longer be managed by humans.
  • It is the right time for every company to think harder about employee satisfaction and do more about it with the proper technology;
  • Only 61% of worldwide workers said they feel engaged at their jobs. Time to improve the number;
  • Discuss current and future methods of increasing employees’ performance and retention rate;
  • Learn about the necessary steps in order to be able to measure AI’s success and effectiveness in the system; 
  • Make customer related data (Big Data) work in your favor by correctly connecting the AI points; To enable you to translate past customer interaction into valuable prediction patterns; 
  • Arm yourself with opportunities at hand: anticipation, augmentation and automation in the CCare processes; 
  • Decide on whether AI will play a leading or background role in the CCare industry.

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